Lissadell House and Gardens, Sligo, Ireland

Yeats Exhibition



Rare photograph of W. B. Yeats from the Lissadell Yeats Exhibition (in storage)



New Potatoes at Lissadell April 09

26th April 2009: first crop of New Potatoes from  Lissadell being harvested by Dermot Carey (right), Head Gardener, with Ger Reidy of Laura’s Restaurant, Carney (left) and Isobel Cassidy (centre). Lissadell is the home of the heritage potato collection of David Langford (acquired in 2008 to mark the UN International Year of the Potato): click on the Kitchen Garden page above.


1913 new potatoes at Lissadell

Harvesting New Potatoes at Lissadell in 1913

Daffodils and Tulips at Lissadell in 2009

Tulip by PC dafs by PC
Tulip by PC dafs by pc
Tulip by PC dafs by PC
Tulip by PC dafs by PC

daffodill fields

Daffodils at Lissadell in 1909