Lissadell House and Gardens, Sligo, Ireland

Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy

The restored Coach House & Riding Arena at Lissadell

Extended opening to 19th October 2014, 10.30am - 6pm daily

Tickets: 12 euro for adults & 6 euro for children. For season/weekend/family tickets see below.

Click on DIRECTIONS above for travel information. There is no wheelchair access to the House, or to the upstairs galleries in the Coach House & Riding Arena.

The Coach House & Riding Arena complex is our visitor reception centre at Lissadell, and houses our tea rooms, shop and wonderful Exhibitions. This is where you buy your ticket, and get visitor information about house tours, exhibitions, the gardens and woodland walks. Note that guided House tours take place every hour, on the hour, from 11am to 5pm, that is at 11am, 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. Subject to numbers there may be extra tours on the half hour - check in the shop when you buy your ticket.

Lissadell House & Gardens is a country estate, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

The current Exhibitions are the CONSTANCE MARKIEVICZ Exhibition in the Coach House (upstairs gallery), the YEATS Exhibition in the Riding Arena (upstairs gallery), and the WORLD WAR I CENTENARY Exhibition in the Riding Arena (upstairs, on in the Balcony Gallery - please do not lean on the balcony). There is no wheelchair access to the upper galleries. Note the Michael Collins display on your way up the stairs to the Constance Markievicz Exhibition.


  • DAY  TICKET: 10.30 am to 6pm

Adult:  €12
Child:  €6

  • SEASON TICKET   (July + August + September + to 19th October 2014): 

Adult:  € 50
Child:   € 25
Family  €140   (2 adults and up to 4 children)

  • WEEKEND TICKET      (Friday + Saturday + Sunday)

ADULT:   €20
CHILD:    €10
FAMILY   €50  (2 adults and up to 4 children)

The season ends on Sunday 19th October

Your ticket covers the following:

  • A guided tour of LISSADELL HOUSE
  • Admission to the ALPINE GARDEN
  • ADMISSION to the YEATS EXHIBITION opened by Leonard cohen in august 2010 (RIDING ARENA)
  • ADMISSION TO THE WORLD WAR I CENTENARY exhibition, featuring drawings from the sketch book of French military artist Jean Jacques Bellecour, taken to Canada by a Canadian Airman after World War 1, and acquired from Canada for the Lissadell collection in 2008 (RIDING ARENA)

Tickets must be bought from the shop first. There is no wheelchair access to the house, or upper galleries.

Tours can be arranged by appointment after 19th October 2014, subject to numbers (minimum 20 +), price on application to Elle.

HOUSE TOUR: our guided tour of the house is 45 minutes in length. This time has been selected as the most convenient for all our visitors. As you come towards the house from the panoramic walk, you will see the house as it was designed to be seen by the Architect, Francis Goodwin, from the East (which is the front of the house), rising from the simplicity of the gravel & grass platform, with no clutter around it. You will enter Lissadell through the porte cochere at the side of the house, up the steps and through the main doors. You will walk through the hall (paved with Kilkenny marble), and first visit the Billiard Room, and next the Gallery (from which you can see the view from the Bow Room windows made famous by the poet W. B. Yeats); you will then visit the Ante Room, the Drawing Room (from which you can again see the views through the "Great Windows open to the South" which enchanted the poet) and the Dining Room. These reception rooms are on the ground floor. Next you will proceed downstairs to the Kitchen, Servant's Hall, pantries, wine cellar, china room, housekeeper's room, butler's room, the garden room, the contemporary literature room, the nursery room with children's toys, and various other staff & work rooms. You will leave through the subway from the sunken courtyard, which leads visitors back up towards the Coach House. For more information on the house click on HOUSE above.

Lissadell is a family home. The guided tour does not take you upstairs to the private family rooms, where seven children (mainly teenagers) & their friends hang out. Every parent knows what teenagers' bedrooms look like. The children like to have their photographs all around the house (as in any family), particularly in the Servant's Hall, which is their favourite place for hanging out with their friends (a blazing fire makes it particularly warm and cosy).

The Stable Block, Coach House and Riding Arena complex is one of the largest in Ireland. It is built, like the main house, of local limestone. The poet W.B. Yeats occasionally slept here on his visits to Lissadell, in the guest apartments maintained in the Stable Block for single gentlemen, when the main House was full. The buildings comprise a large limestone complex surrounding a quadrangle, containing coach houses, stables, tack rooms, grain storage lofts and rooms for stable hands, footmen and house guest bachelors; and a large Riding Arena for exercising horses during inclement weather. It was restored between 2003 and 2008.


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Afternoon Tea in the Riding Arena (below)

Afternoon Tea in the Riding Arena at Lissadell by PC Afternoon tea in the Riding Arena at Lissadell by PC

"Since the sale of Lissadell in 2003, the stated aim of new owners Edward Walsh and Constance Cassidy was the restoration of this national treasure as a family home open to visitors, and the regeneration of the flower and pleasure gardens. Already they have reversed the decline and neglect of the previous seventy years and opened both the house and gardens to the public.

It is an extraordinary place, and of interest at so many levels. Edward and Constance planned well when they placed the tea rooms so near the entrance, as it must be obvious to even the most casual visitor that sustenance will be needed ahead of any visit here, there is just so much to see. The Tea Rooms serve wholesome country fare – quiches, scones, salads, fruit and vegetables (fresh produce comes from the Kitchen Gardens), and also oysters from their own oyster beds.


As well as the tables indoors, there are seats for visitors around the courtyard – and the gift shop is well worth visiting, for Lissadell organic fruit and vegetables, their own homemade chutneys and jams, a range of French wines (by bottle or case) and many other quality gifts.

It’s a wonderful placeif you have to choose just one visitor attraction in Ireland to visit, make it Lissadell. And allow plenty of time"..

Vegetables at Lissadell

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Jam Lissadell

Wine at Lissadell by PC

Lissadell is a family home. Access to the House, Gardens or any part of the grounds or buildings is by permission only. Please respect our home.

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on display in the Riding Arena

YCA furniture in Lissadell Riding Arena by PC

For information about any item or items of Yeats Country Antiques furniture on display in the Riding Arena, please contact Mervyn Blanc direct at:

Tel: +353 (0) 87 2644494 / +353 (0) 71 9145589

Yeats Country Antiques, Benbulben Centre
Co. Sligo
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Yeats Country Antiques, 67/68 Francis Street
Dublin 8
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:30pm

Coach house

The Coach House and Stable Block has been restored and includes Tea Rooms, an area for craft work and two long Galleries for exhibitions. Click on the Exhibitions page above for information about current Exhibitions at Lissadell. The Riding Arena has been re-roofed and is now a magnificent visitor centre, garden emporium and store. Lecture rooms are under construction for forthcoming student programmes for writers and artists in residence at Lissadell.

Lavender Hat Magee by PC Gifts lissadell
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Coach House Wine at Lissadell by PC

Lissadell Pumpkins