Lissadell House and Gardens, Sligo, Ireland


after 70 years of neglect


2003 - 2008

Riding Arena at Lissadell in 2003

The avenues at Lissadell in 2003

Avenues at Lissadell before restoration

Potholed avenues with verges used as a local dump (above);

Rubbish dumped in the coal bunker by the Forge Avenue (below)

Rubbish in the coal bunkers 2003


Before and After

Avenues at Lissadell before restoration
Forge Avenue after restoration by Pamela Cassidy

Restoration work uncovered and restored the 19th century path on the Forge Avenue by the Kitchen Garden (above)

Cobbled drains at Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy

Restoration work also uncovered the 19th century cobbled drains on the main avenue.

Alpine Garden in 2003, before restoration

Alpine Garden 2003

The Alpine Garden by 2003, after 70 years of neglect. This 18th century walled garden is in the upper centre of the picture, to the left of the two arch bridge (which is the entrance to Lissadell) and was completely overgrown before work began. Coillte owns the land to the right of the bridge, and the sea shore in the lower half of the picture borders the car park on Coillte land which facilitates visitors to the sea shore.

2003 Alpine Garden

Inside the Alpine Garden in December 2003. Again, rubbish has been casually dumped.

Alpine Garden after restoration work

The Alpine Garden in 2006 (above), after restoration work had begun. The Coillte car park facilitating visitors to the sea shore is in the upper left hand corner of the photograph.

The Alpine Garden with the daisy walk and echium plants in 2008 (below)

The Alpine Garden in Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy


Alpine Gdn before restoration Alpine Gdn Pond

The 18th century ponds in Alpine Garden uncovered in 2004, when first cleared for restoration (above left) and the 18th century ponds in 2008 (above right)

Alpine Garden at Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy Alpine Garden at Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy

The Alpine Gardens after restoration work (above)

The Coach House and Riding Arena

(below left) in 2004 when the front and right hand wing had been roofed (below right) in 2008 when visitors were received for 364 days of the year.

Coach House before restroration work Coach House & Riding Arena after restoration work
Coach House before restoration
Riding Arena before restoration work

The Riding Arena in 2003 (above)

Coach House during restoration work

The quadrangle and Riding Arena in 2003

The quadrangle and Riding Arena in 2003

and after restoration work (below)

Coach house by Pamela Cassidy
Coach House by Pamela Cassidy
Riding Arena by Pamela Cassidy Fruit and Veg in the Riding Arena by Pamela Cassidy

The head gardener's house in 2003

2003 Head Gardener House at Lissadell

and after restoration

Gardener House by Edward Cecil Francis Walsh

Kitchen Garden in 2003

Kitchen Garden at Lissadell in 2003
Walled Garden overgrowth being pulled back

After restoration

Walled Garden after restoration After restoration walled garden

The walled Kitchen Garden in 2004 when first cleared for restoration, and in 2008 with the Mayor of Sligo and school children celebrating the heritage potato collection

Kitchen Gdn under restoration
Kitchen Garden at Lissadell by James Connolly


Wallpaper at Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy
Drawing Rm in Lsdl before restoration

Specimens of wall paper, old and new, in the Drawing Room at Lissadell (top). A piece of the old Drawing Room paper is on the right of the table, and has been reproduced and re-hung. The Drawing Room before restoration is pictured above. The drapes came from Classiebawn where Gabrielle Gore Booth, and later her sister Aideen, were land agents.

Dining Room during and after restoration work

Dining Room at Lissadell before restoration
Dining Room after restoration by Pamela Cassidy

Basement Corridor before and after restoration

Basement Corridor before Basement corridor by Pamela Cassidy
Paint basement corridor
Fire estinguisher before restoration Fire extinguisher restored at LIssadell by Pamela Cassidy


Porte Cochere before and after restoration

porte Cochere at Lissadell before restoration Porte Cochere at Lissadell

Billiard room before and after restoration

Billiard Rm by Pamela Cassidy

The Gassoliers before (Ante Room) and after (Gallery) restoration

Gassoliers before restoration
Gassoliers following restoration
Gallery in Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy

Basement stove, made in Sligo, after restoration


The Forge during and after restoration

Forge under restoration
The Forge at Lissadell by Pamela Cassidy

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